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*Please note, membership is for special needs families only.
If you are a special needs group or organization, please contact us via this contact form to schedule dates and times to visit.

Complex Rules

In order to ensure this complex will be maintained and utilized for years to come, the TRFOD asks for you to comply with the following:

  1. Members will be able to utilize the complex from 9am to dusk, Monday-Saturday from April 22nd to November 29th.
  2. The TRFOD holds the right to close the complex during these times for the following reasons: weather, construction, repair, private events, and organized partnerships with school districts and special needs organizations. Please visit for daily schedule of the complex.
  3. The complex is equipped with facial recognition and video cameras.
  4. The TRFOD reserves the right to revoke any private membership for the following:
    1. Vandalism
    2. Inappropriate behavior
    3. Entering during non-membership hours
    4. Allowing more than the amount of people designated in your family mentioned in the above paperwork.
    5. Behavior that is not appropriate or kind to any other person.
  5. The TRFOD will have times during the week in which volunteers are available to assist your family. During these times, items for play will be available: Miniature golf, basketball, games, and bocce.
  6. Use the complex and equipment at your own risk. The TRFOD can not be held responsible for any injury. We thank you for choosing the RWJBH Field of Dreams as a place for your family to experience enjoyment and inclusion. Please visit for events and festivals throughout the entire year. Your signature below confirms that you and your family understand the rules and regulations of the complex. Your signature also confirms that you consent for your picture to be taken and used on our social media and website.